physical property

R22 approximation at room temperature is a colorless, odorless gas, no burning, no explosion, no corrosion, toxicity is slightly larger than the R12, but still be safe refrigerant, security classified as A1; pressure can be liquefied is colorless and transparentliquid. The R22 in chemical stability and thermal stability are high, especially in the case where no water exists, and general metal below 200 ℃ unreactive. In the presence of water, only slowly with a base function. However, at high temperatures will occur lysis. R-22 is a low-temperature refrigerant, a refrigeration temperature of -80 ℃ can be obtained.

Production and current applications

Worldwide production of R-22 in 2008 was about 800 Gg per year, up from about 450 Gg per year in 1998, with most production in developing countries. R-22 use is increasing in developing countries, largely for air conditioning applications. Air conditioning sales are growing 20% annually in India and China.

R-22 is prepared from chloroform:

    HCCl3 + 2 HF → HCF2Cl + 2 HCl

An important application of R-22 is as a precursor to tetrafluoroethylene. This conversion involves pyrolysis to give difluorocarbene, which dimerizes:

    2 CHClF2 → C2F4 + 2 HCl

The compound also yields difluorocarbene upon treatment with strong base and is used in the laboratory as a source of this reactive intermediate.

The pyrolysis of R-22 in the presence of chlorofluoromethane gives hexafluorobenzene.

Storage and transport

R22 refrigerant cylinders for pressurized containers should be stored away from fire, heat, avoid direct sunlight, usually store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; handling with care, light disposal to prevent the cylindersas well as damage to the valves and other accessories.

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