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Zhejiang Ice Loong Environmental Sci Tech Co Ltd was established in November 2017 as a branch of Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigerant Co Ltd It is mainly responsible for the domestic and international business of all series of Ice Loong brand vehicles refrigeration accessories and other products and in charge of the development sales network of Ice Loong brand

Categories and Products

Copper/Brass Products

Copper Tube

Air conditioner and refrigeration copper tube Insulated connection copper coil C12200 copper pancake coil Hot sale refrigeration copper tube Hard temper straight copper pipe Air conditioner refrigerator copper pipe Copper capillary coil tube for refrigeration Air Conditioner AC installation kit Insulated copper tube for refrigeration 

Copper Fitting

Refrigeration and AC copper fitting Copper refrigerator part accumulator Capillary tube with nuts Short Elbow Refrigeration Copper Fitting Copper Capillary Tube with Nut Refrigeration Fitting Copper Coupling Refrigeration copper fitting Tee Refrigeration copper fitting reducer coupling Refrigeration copper fitting return bend Refrigeration copper fitting end cap Refrigeration copper fitting P-trap 

Split Valve

Air conditioner split valve Copper and brass split valve 3Way Bend Flare Tube Split Service Valve Shut-off valve split valve for air conditioner Air conditioner split vavle Refrigeration parts hand valve Refrigeration charging ball valve Refrigeration fitting hand valve 

Brass Fitting

Refrigeration air conditioning brass fitting Refrigeration parts ball valve 90 degree brass elbow for refrigeration 3Way all sizes brass union fitting brass straight standard union fitting Refrigeration multi size solder union Brass fitting short nut Brass fitting cap nut Brass fitting forged nut Refrigeration parts brass union Refrigeration parts brass adapter AD-78/87 Refrigeration parts sight glass Refrigeration conventional sight glass 

Solenoid Valve

Air conditioner refrigeration solenoid valve Pressure Switch Low Pressure Control Refrigeration 4-Way reversing valve Refrigeration parts solenoid valve 

Filter Drier

Refrigeration parts filter drier Filter drier with capillary tube Refrigeration part copper filter drier Soldering copper filter drier Filter drier with access valve 

Access Valve

Refrigerator refrigerant access valve Refrigeration parts access valve 

Capillary Tube

copper capillary tube for freezer 

Service Tools

Vacuum Pump

High efficiency single and double stage vacuum pump Household car air conditioner vacuum pump Multi functional vacuum pump Small electric vacuum pump Air rotary vane mini vacuum pump 

Flaring Tool

Copper tube flaring tool Hand swaging tool ST-22 Easy use two bars flaring tool for refrigeration Electric Cordless Type Flaring Tool Kit CT-275 Flaring And Swaging Tool Kit 

Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Portable good quality refrigerant recovery machine Auto Refrigerant Recovery Recycling unit Portable commercial refrigerant recovery machine Refrigerant gas recycling machine 

Refrigerant Charging Scale

Accurate electronic refrigerant charging scale Portable good quality charging scale Air conditioning refrigerant charging scale Digital refrigerant charging scale Big capacity and high accuracy charging scale Wireless refrigerant gas charging scale Refrigerant Charging Scale RCS-200 

Tube Bender

Good quality manual tube bender Multi tube bender kit Lever type tube bender Hydraulic tube expanding tool kit CT-300A 

Manifold Gauge

Refrigerant charging manifold gauge High Pressure Refrigerant Charging Hose R134a automotive quick coupler Aluminum 3way manifold gauge with hose High accurate aluminum manifold with suitcase R134a charging manifold gauge with quick coupler Rubber anti-viberation brass manifold with sight glass R410A brass manifold in carton box with hoses Digital manifold gauge set DIY Refrigerant R134a charging tool valve gun Refrigerant high low pressure gauge with iron case Digital single gauge set R1234YF MANIFOLD GAUGE WITH QUICK COUPLER R134a quick couplers for car Refrigeration R134a charging hose Refrigerant charging hose with ball valve R134a manifold gauge set R410A manifold gauge set Brass single manifold gauge CT-466 Brass single manifold gauge CT-466A 

Can Tap Valve

r134a can tap valve R134a refrigerant gas can opener R744 QUICK COUPLER FOR REFRIGERANT CHARGING CT-341 Can Tap Open Valve CT-339 Can Tap Open Valve CT-338 Can Tap Open Valve CT-340 Can Tap Open Valve 

Refrigerant Leak Detector

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector Digital Refrigerant gas leak detector 

Tube Cutter

Refrigeration copper tube cutter Roller Type Tube Cutter CT-319 Refrigeration Hand Tools Copper Mini Tube Cutter 

Hvac Compressors

Rotary Compressor

Rotary air conditioner compressor 9000BTU R22 Air conditioner rotary compressor 12000BTU R22 Air conditioner rotary compressor 18000BTU R22 Air conditioner rotary compressor 24000BTU R22 Air conditioner rotary compressor 24000BTU R410A Air conditioner rotary compressor 18000BTU R410A Air conditioner rotary compressor 12000BTU R410A Air conditioner rotary compressor 9000BTU R410A Air conditioner rotary compressor 9000BTU R410A Inverter Air conditioner rotary compressor 12000BTU R410A Inverter Air conditioner rotary compressor 18000BTU R410A Inverter Air conditioner rotary compressor 24000BTU R410A Inverter Air conditioner rotary compressor 

Refrigerator Compressor

refrigeration refrigerator good quality compressor 1/3HP Freezer Compressor Fridge Compressor 1/4HP Fridge Freezer Compressor 1/5HP Fridge Freezer Compressor 1/6HP Fridge Freezer Compressor 1/8 HP Fridge Freezer Compressor 1/2HP Fridge Freezer Compressor 

Scroll Compressor

Scroll Air Conditioner Compressor 

Fan Motor

Refrigeration Fan Motor

REFRIGERATION AXIAL FAN MOTOR Car air conditioner fan motor YJF shaded refrigerator pole fan motor 

Other Parts


full series film capacitor CBB60 ac motor run capacitor CBB65 ac motor run capacitor 

Fridge Thermostat

full series fridge thermostat 

Welding Torch

FULL SERIES WELDING TORCH Mapp Welding torch JH-6S Welding brazing torch JH-6ST Welding torch JH-3SW with hose Self-Ignition Hand Torch HT-1S 

Welding Rod


Insulation Pipe

Rubber Insulation Material Armaflex 

Air Conditioner Bracket

STEEL IRON AIR CONDITIONER BRACKET Rubber anti vibration mountings 

Remote Control

Universal AC Remote Control Air conditioner remote controller KT-109 Air conditioner universal remote controller KT-1000 Air conditioner universal remote controller KT-N828 Universal AC control system QD-U03C Universal AC control system QD-U05PG Universal AC control system QD-U08A Universal AC control system QD-U08PGC Universal AC control system QD-U10A 

Fridge Condenser

Fridge Wire Tube Condenser Roll Bond Evaporator for Freezer Refrigerator Commercial wall mounted air curtain Cold Room PVC Strip Door Curtains Air conditioner drain hose pipe Air conditioner tape wrapping tape Air conditioner system condensor flush kit 1HP Refrigeration Condensing Units 3/4HP Refrigeration Condensing Units 1/2HP Refrigeration Condensing Units 1-1/2HP Refrigeration Condensing Units 2HP Refrigeration Condensing Units 

Refrigerant Gas

Refrigerant Gas

Full series refrigerant gas 20 Feet Refrigerant Gas Storage ISO Tank Refrigerant gas steel pressure cylinder Refrigerant gas R134a for car Refrigerant gas cooling gas R410A Air conditoner refrigerant gas R22 Refrigerant gas R404A for refrigeration Coldroom refrigerant gas R407C HFC Refrigerant gas R507 HC Refrigerant gas R600a 12 Liters CE Refrigerant Gas R134a Cylinder 12 Liters CE Refrigerant Gas R410A Cylinder 

Mapp Gas


Small Can Refrigerant

Small Can Refrigerant gas R134a 

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