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Small Can Refrigerant

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Small Can Refrigerant gas R134a

Model No. : R134a

R134a Refrigerant Gas Small Can R134a Refrigeration Gas R134a Also known as R134a small can refrigerant Under normal temperature for the odorless and colorless gas Boiling point 26 5 C the freezing point 101 C 1 202g cm3 liquid density Critical...

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Also known as R134a gas. Under normal temperature for the odorless and colorless gas. Boiling point -26.5 ° C, the freezing point -101 ° C 1.202g/cm3 liquid density. Critical temperature 100.6 ° C Critical pressure 40.03 × 105. Low toxicity, and flame resistant, low chemical reactivity and high stability. PCE fluoride can be obtained CFC-113, via isomerization, fluoride and hydrogen obtained; PCE or fluorinated obtained HCFC-123 and then by fluoride and hydrogen obtained; TCE also as the raw material, fluoride in HCFC-133a, and fluoride system in the product. In refrigeration systems, medical and certain spray foam application is CFC-12 is the preferred alternative.